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East, the Fengshui Health and Family Area of your Home

East, the Fengshui Health and Family Area of your Home

I am the third-generation Fengshui master from my family lineage. I grew up in China lived and breathed this environmental energy healing method with her father and grandmother. . Prior to becoming a professional artist and certified crystal healer, I was a certified interior architect and worked as a Fengshui Interior Designer and custom surface pattern designer. I've created beautiful and harmonious homes to attract good energy flow for many clients.

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What is Fengshui?

Fengshui is a natural science that emphasizes the living environment as integral energy that affects many aspects of our lives: health, wealth, relationships, creativity, career, reputation, and spiritual growth.

As a Chinese mathematical system developed by scholars through observations accumulated over thousands of years, Fengshui incorporates astronomy, geography, the environment, magnetic fields, and physics. Based on the interactions among the movements of the orbiting planets of the solar system (heaven), living environment (earth), and one’s birth date (individual), Fengshui is a unique system that mathematically calculates the most favorable direction for one’s living quarters and workspace.

How to Practice Fengshui in Your Home?

If the idea of having positive energy in your home sounds good. Here is how to implement Fengshui in a nutshell distilled from my 10 years of experience working as a Fengshui Interior Architect. Your home can be divided into 9 squares and each square represents different areas of your life with different Fengshui elements. Here is an illustrated example.

For example, if you face the front door of your home and you take a compass reading and it says North. Then you know the opposite side is south, west is on the left and east is on the right. So just fill in the boxes with all the directions.

Equally, divide your home into nine squares. I understand not all houses are rectangular or square, just approximate and try your best. There, you have a rough Fengshui map of your home. Each direction square represents an area of your life and associates with a Fengshui element.

So if you want to improve a certain area of your life, then decorate that area with that Fengshui element’s colors and shape. For example, if you want to improve your love and marriage, put a painting with earthy colors, light yellow, light brown in the southwest corner of your home. However, you should try to minimize decors in wood elements since wood weakens the earth.

This rule of thumb applies to a single room in your home as well. For example, if you have a home office, find the money square (southeast) of the office and put wood element decor in it. Please remember when you do the compass reading, please don’t wear any jewelry or have anything magnetic nearby.


Download Free Fengshui Crystal and Color Guide


East, the Fengshui Health and Family Area of your Home

The Aspect of Life: Health & Family

Ideal Function: Dining Room or Family Room

Elemental Energy: Wood

Recommended Colors: Shades of Green, Dark Brown, Blue, Black

Colors to Avoid in Excess: White, Gold, Silver, Gray, Copper, Bronze

Recommended Shapes of Decor: Rectangle

Shapes of Decor to Avoid in Excess: Circle

Crystals to Amplify the Energy: Chrysoprase, Emerald, Dioptase, Fluorite, Turquoise

Crystal Grid Layout for this Area:

Here are some interior design inspiration photos for this area of your home:

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