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What is Your Soul Aura Color?

What does it say about your Soul Gifts, Wounds, and Lessons?

About Helen

Author, Artist, Spiritual Teacher

Helen Ye Plehn is the founder of Helen Creates Beauty and the Creator of the Aura Color Wheel: a system to identify your soul's purpose through your Soul Aura Color.

She is an aura reader, intuitive painter, certified crystal healer, angel channeler, third generation Fengshui master, certified Yoga and meditation instructor, and spiritual teacher. She is also an Ayurveda practitioner, Vedic astrologer, Theta healer, and passionate Flamenco dancer.

Helen's spiritual awakening began in 2012 after a psychiatric ER visit due to severe anxiety and depression. Many prophecies have hinted 2012 as The Shift of the Ages and The Time of Transition. After more than a decade of daily meditation practice, spiritual wisdom education, and a deep quest for her soul’s purpose and happiness, she founded Helen Creates Beauty LLC. to further develop and offer her soul's gifts.

She is highly clairvoyant and sees colors as energy. As a professional artist working with colors daily, combining art, Fengshui interior design, and different holistic healing modalities, Helen helps her clients to live with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

She is currently writing a book on the Aura Color Wheel: what your soul aura color says about your soul gifts, wounds, and lessons.

What does Helen Creates Beauty offer?

What does Helen Creates Beauty offer?