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Meet the Artist & Healer

I am Helen Ye Plehn, a painter and certified crystal healer. I am grateful and joyful to live my purpose to Create and Heal everyday.  

Have you tried to find true happiness because you feel the void in your heart even you are at the top according to society’s standards? I have. Unfortunately, true lasting joy is an inside job, not an outside voice telling you what joy looks like.

10 years ago I started my quest for true happiness which led me became a painter and crystal healer. So today I am here to guide you to do the same.

I believe everything is energy. Synchronizing color, crystal and symbols energies to manifest a piece is my expertise. If you want to find a piece of art that has deep cosmic meaning and healing energy, you are in the right place.

I deeply believe that our body, mind and spirit are closely interrelated. Therefore, I adopt a very holistic view in crystal healing services. I also combine other alternative healing modalities including Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations, Journaling, and Fengshui energy methods to create a healthy lifestyle for continuously self-healing.

What My Clients Say

dancing lady orchid painting in a meditative room

Colleen S. collected the Dance with Me Original

"One day I unintentionally stumbled upon Helen's art page while on Instagram. I was immediately taken by the vibrant colors and the stunning flowers and vases she painted. For weeks after I first saw her page I couldn't stop thinking about her beautiful paintings and every few days after that I would find myself on her website looking at all the available artwork. I know it sounds cheesy, but I felt drawn to her art. Finally after visiting her website for what felt like 100 times, I decided that I needed to have one of these beautiful paintings hanging in my home. It's not only an eye catcher but it also truly sparks joy for me every time I look at it. I could not be happier with my purchase!"
Beverly S. Had a Full House Fengshui Design

Beverly S. Had a Full House Fengshui Design

"Helen, an angel like you inspires people like me!" "Helen Creates Beauty services were more than, I imagined. Helen is professional, intentional, and patient. More so, is that she listens. I was not sure of what to expect, but Helen was thorough, did I already say Patient and Effective?
I used results from my chart to launch a home-based business, and also to better understand the turbulence that I was experiencing in my personal space and relationships.
Also, I purchased one of Helen's crystal grid paintings, a Lotus Flower. It resonates with character and clarity and within months, my life catapulted into a new chapter. I hung my Crystal Lotus Flower portrait on the wall behind my work desk chair, as recommended by Helen. Ever since, in my space, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of manifestations, revelations, opportunities to serve, and blessings upon blessings. Almost indescribable...
waterlily painting in a serene room

Laurel L. received a Distance Chakra Healing

"I had my first crystal healing section ever with Helen a little over two weeks ago it was really awesome. It was a distance healing and I was wondering if I would feel anything and I felt it immediately (Laurel is also in California). I felt lighthearted rejuvenated and more peaceful and I felt as if the world was a more loving place afterwards. I highly recommend her services and look forward to getting another one myself."

*If or when and how much you feel the energetic shifts can vary depends on your focus of intention, intuition's sensitivity and distance from me. You can definitely sense it more if you practice meditation regularly. Laurel is a Yoga studio owner and teacher. 

Esther T. Took the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course

Esther T. Took the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course

"Helen is an excellent crystal healer, artist, intuitive spiritual coach, and Fengshui expert. She is professional, highly educated and up to date on so many spiritual modalities. A generous, compassionate, and highly intuitive person, whose main mantra is self-love and trust in yourself & the universe.
I credit Helen with shifts in my personal development. During our work together, I always felt safe, loved, and supported. I highly recommend her as a crystal healer and more, especially for women who find themselves at the crossroads of their life. With patience and love, Helen will guide you towards the light. My experience with Helen is enlightening.”
Jessica C. took the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course and has joined the Rainbow Soul Family membership.

Jessica C. took the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course and has joined the Rainbow Soul Family membership.

"What I love about Helen's course is that while it is spiritually based, a lot of times those ideas can be very abstract, Helen did an amazing job breaking things down into very practical, and technical, here is how to fix this energetic block, and here is how to clear this piece of your life. I love that she teaches us to use various tools like crystals, meditations, food, whatever you prefer medicine is to improve your life."
"I love the breakdown of the different pieces of training in the Rainbow Soul Family Membership, all the beautiful information that you gather together so we don't need to go find them on our own."
Dana requested a personalized crystal healing for her mother-in-law

Dana requested a personalized crystal healing for her mother-in-law

"My mother-in-law had her CT scan today and all the tumors have shrunk significantly (she has stage four pancreatic cancer). She is doing well. They said for her age it's very rare to have the pancreas and liver tumors shrink. She got her citrine crystal and keeps in in her pocket. I wanted to let you know that she loves your intention cards Helen, she picks one each day to try to live by and she has been making notes to herself on the cards. Positive thought and positive energy and 70 plus years of an active life and a hard head."

*Please note that crystal healing is not a substitute to medical treatment, but it is a holistic part of the healing process.