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What is the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course?

What is the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course?

“Knowing others is wise. Knowing yourself is enlightenment.”

– Lao Tzu

Helen is Named a Visionary Educator on

The signature Flowing with Your Rainbow Course is offered for the past five years. It has helped hundreds of students to find their soul's purpose and live a life with joy and fulfillment. Helen was named a Visionary Educator on because of the transformations students had after the course. Enrollment opens twice a year, you can join the waitlist to receive special offers when enrollments open.

Flowing with Your Rainbow is a transformational spiritual course based on the Aura Color Wheel System. Its goal is to help you find and live your soul’s purpose with joy and fulfillment.

If you want to discover and use your soul gifts to be of service with abundance and fulfillment, heal your deep soul wounds to eliminate suffering, and learn soul lessons to remove any blockages preventing you from manifesting your best lives, this is the course for you.

From our soul’s perspective, the ultimate goal is to fully embody the rainbow spectrum of light, so eventually, our aura radiates white color. This is the state of enlightenment and the process of ascension. This requires us to do spiritual work for each aura layer powered by our bodies' seven chakras (energy centers) to maintain healthy aura health.

You will become a magnet for anything you want to manifest in this conscious state. You can literally co-create your reality with the Universal source of infinite possibilities.

Therefore, the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course includes spiritual wisdom and tools I’ve used on myself and my clients for more than a decade which has helped hundreds of students to fully shine their unique light.

There are 10 modules in the course, the spiritual tools for the 7 aura layers and 3 spiritual practices which works to strengthen the aura health of all aura layers, they are meditation, crystal healing and connecting with your spirit team.

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The Investment: $1,499

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