Sandra took the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course

"What I love most about Helen is her holistic approach, which is something that is reflected in the course Flowing with Your Rainbow, and the variety of spiritual and healing tools that she uses and includes in each of the modules (meditations, yoga poses, journaling, crystals, cards, essential oils, herbs, flowers, fengshui, affirmations, sounds, mantras, etc.). I like it a lot also the variety of exercises and activities that she includes so we can practice and internalize the energy of each chakra. It is being very helpful and I am learning a lot about myself; in each unit I have all the resources I need to deepen in my inner work in a different level. Helen is really great at what she does, and also she is very committed and fun. I am very glad that I met her and that I am doing this excellent course!"

March 08, 2021