Do you want to live an easier, happier, and more fulfilling life? If so, Finding Your Rainbow is the right spiritual course for you!

Through this course you will watch your obstacles disappear as Helen guides you to effortless joy in Finding Your Rainbow flow. Leverage the power of the miraculous energy that permeates all of existence to create the life you want, and learn how to:

-Effortlessly fulfill your desires by aligning them with the flow of the universe.

-Open and activate the power of your seven energy centers, called chakras. Learn how to sense, cleanse, heal, strengthen and maintain your own aura health. 

-Discover who you are meant to be and start living your purpose.

-Tap into the powerful energy within to raise your vibrations and uplift everyone around you.


This course integrates various holistic healing, spiritual, metaphysical fields of study based on Helen's past 10 years of spiritual knowledge and practices. It includes but not limit to:

-Yoga movement to activate certain energy centers in our body

-Visualization Meditation to tap into the cosmic energy frequency-Pillars of Light

-Human energy system from Yoga (Layers of Life), Ayurveda, Aura and Chakra

-Crystal Healing Energy, Crystal Grid for Manifestation

-Fengshui energy and how does the environment affect your energy field.

-Art Therapy where we explore beauty and the soul, spiritual rituals

-Tools and practices to discover who we are:

  Human Design

  Understand Your Ayurveda Dosha 


  Astrology Natal Chart (Western and Vedic Tradition)

  Fengshui Birth Element and Reading

  Numerology Reading

  Chinese Zodiac Animals


Why work with Helen? 

I believe that the things I am here to teach are the very things that I most need to learn, and that the best teachers are the ones that struggle the most because when they get it, they get it with a triple smackdown."
--Letters to a Starseed, Rebecca Campbell (my current spiritual teacher) 

Have you tried to find true happiness because you feel the void in your heart even you are "successful" according to society’s standards? I have. Unfortunately, true lasting joy is an inside job, not an outside voice telling you what joy looks like.

In 2011, I was in my Ph.D. program is onset to become a professor, I married to the man of my life. Everyone thinks I am at the peak of my life except myself. I had severe anxiety and depression and frequented therapy offices.

At the time, I decided to find true lasting happiness.

After my first 200-hour Yoga and Meditation teacher training, I knew I was home. I meditate every day for 20-30 minutes and started to hear the voice inside. I keep searching and following what lights me up! From interior design to Fengshui to surface pattern design, to vedic astrology, to Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicine, to art, to crystal healing and now mentoring under Rebecca Campbell to Work My Light. I still vividly remembered when I had my first vedic astrology reading, the astrologist told me that my dharma (life purpose) this lifetime is to CREATE.

Now I've found it. I deeply believe that at my spirit level, joy and beauty are its expressions. My ancient soul was a wise teacher and healer and my humanness ask me to lead and create. When you align your personal energy with the cosmic flow, the right people will appear, the right opportunities will come to you at the right time. 

And so as this course, I am called by the divine light source I channeled to create this course to help you do the same! Live your life with purpose, joy and fulfilment. If you are intrigued, join us to hold energetic space for each other's personal and spiritual growth.

Helen is a certified Crystal Healer, Yoga and meditation teacher, third generation Fengshui master and Ayurveda practitioner. She has a undergraduate degree in psychology, Master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Ph.D. degree in Experience Design.


Flowing with Your Rainbow

The Course is 100% refundable, meaning that if you practice the tools I teach in the course and doesn't feel any energetic shift or transformation within 30 days. Full refund will be issued. 

The full course is 7-week. You can choose to work with me on one layer or purchase the full course for 50% off. If you are ready to answer your soul's calling and deep dive for a transformation, I highly recommend you purchase the package with 4 one hour private coaching sections plus the full course.

We meet every Tuesday starting on September 14th till October 26th live on Zoom from 9:30am to 12pm PST. All courses will be recorded to watch later. Weekly workbooks will be sent on Monday before the live course begins. You can use the workbook, meditation audio, Yoga and pranayama video and recommended readings and tests throughout the week to work on a certain layer of your rainbow aura energy.

All participants will be invited to join a private Facebook Group where we can interact and support each other's growth. We will have a full moon circle and live Q&A on Wednesday, October 20th from 3:30-4:30pm PST. 

Here are the three package options and remember they are risk free. No personal or spiritual growth, full refund! I hope to see you there!