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We are all born with a harmonious full spectrum colors of rainbow aura. I saw it when my daughter was born. However, along the process we call "growing up", we tend to forget about it. This course is packed of spiritual knowledge, tools and practices designed to bring you back to the wholeness of who truly are.

It is a journey for self-healing, self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-love, self-expression, self-trust and co-create with the universe with your rainbow aura flow.


This is a course for any spiritual seekers, lightworkers, healers, yogis, personal growth junkies or anyone who wants to take an inner knowing journey and learn more about:

  • Meditation
  • Finding and living your life purpose
  • Healing your ancestral and childhood traumas
  • Living mindfully with nature and comic's cycles
  • Understanding and working with the subtle energy field: Prana, Aura, Koshas, Chakras, Nadis, and Kundalini
  • Knowing your Ayurveda Koshas and nourish your body with seasonal food
  • Crystal healing and crystal grid and how they work
  • Releasing negative emotions
  • Building healthy relationships with yourself and others
  • Improve your self esteem/confidence energetically
  • Manifest your dream life with ease and flow
  • Conscious choice of action or non-action
  • Self-compassion and unconditional love
  • Divination tools: Crystallomancy, Rune, stone casting, pendulum dowsing
  • Developing your intuition and psychic abilities: the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance), precognition, astral travel, telephathy, automatic writing, channeling
  • Akashic Records and your many past lives
  • Your soul gifts and lessons this life time
  • Your star origins
  • Call in divine guidance and connect to the council of light
  • Shadow work



  • This is a 10-week course, you can choose to work on one layer of your aura with the introduction course (this is mandatory) or take the full course.
  • If you are ready to answer your soul's calling and deep dive for a transformation, I highly recommend you purchase the coaching package with 4 one-hour private coaching sections plus the full course.
  • We will meet every Thursday (Jupiter's Day, ideal for spiritual work) from 9:30am to 11:30am PST. All courses will be recorded on Zoom to watch later if you can not join us live.
  • The next course will run from March 2, to May 3, 2023
  • Every course each week will include:
    • Daily guided meditation audio
    • Yoga and pranayama (breathing exercise) video 
    • 20-page workbook for you to journal your progress
    • Spiritual ritual for each aura layer
    • Recommended readings/resources 
  • A private spiritual community for all course participants so you can connect with each other and hold energetic space for each other's growth.


    "I believe that the things I am here to teach are the very things that I most need to learn, and that the best teachers are the ones that struggle the most because when they get it, they get it with a triple smackdown."
    --Letters to a Starseed, Rebecca Campbell 

    Helen is a certified Crystal Healer, Yoga and meditation teacher, third generation Fengshui master, Ayurveda practitioner, Vedic Astrologer and an Intuitive painter. She has a undergraduate degree in psychology, Master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Ph.D. degree in Experience Design.

    In 2011, I had a major mental meltdown with anxiety and depression which served as my wake-up call to find happiness. I started to ask questions like who am I? Why am I here? How can I find true lasting happiness and inner fulfillment?

    My first step towards my healing journey was my first 200-hour Yoga and Meditation teacher training at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia. Shiva Das and Ed Zalo were the main teachers at the time. The first time I meditated with the group, I cried like a baby. I knew I was home, held by a much bigger force of energy that I could not have found anywhere else. But inside of me.
    From then on, I meditate for 20 minutes every day until today. Then I continue my spiritual path in Ayurveda, Chinese herbal medicine, Vedic astrology, and crystal healing.

    I keep searching and following what lights me up career-wise. From an assistant professor to an interior designer to Fengshui consultant to surface pattern designer, and now a professional artist, certified crystal healer, Fengshui consultant, and a spiritual teacher offering all my inner wisdom to anyone who wants to live their life purposes with joy and fulfillment.

    Now I've found it. I deeply believe that at my spirit level, joy and beauty are its expressions. My ancient soul was a wise teacher and healer and my humanness ask me to lead and create. When you align your personal energy with the cosmic flow, the right people will appear, the right opportunities will come to you at the right time. 

    And so as this course, I am called by the divine light source I channeled to create this course to help you do the same! Live your life with purpose, joy and fulfilment. If you are intrigued, join us to hold energetic space for each other's personal and spiritual growth.



    Esther T: "Helen is an excellent crystal healer, artist, intuitive spiritual coach, and Fengshui expert. She is professional, highly educated and up to date on so many spiritual modalities.
    A generous, compassionate, and highly intuitive person, whose main mantra is self-love and to trust in yourself & the universe.
    I credit Helen with shifts in my personal development. During our work together, I always felt safe, loved, and supported. I highly recommend her as a crystal healer and more, especially for women who find themselves at the crossroads of their life. With patience and love, Helen will guide you towards the light. My experience with Helen is enlightening.

    Kaliisa C. "After my first class with Helen Plehn, positive changes began to happen in my life. Her soulful energy and wisdom has helped me begin a daily practice of meditation. Helen is a visionary person, and her talent for healing and creativity is a gift to others."

    Sandra R.: "What I love most about Helen is her holistic approach, which is something that is reflected in the course Flowing with Your Rainbow, and the variety of spiritual and healing tools that she uses and includes in each of the modules (meditations, yoga poses, journaling, crystals, cards, essential oils, herbs, flowers, fengshui, affirmations, sounds, mantras, etc.).
    I like it a lot also the variety of exercises and activities that she includes so we can practice and internalize the energy of each chakra. It is being very helpful and I am learning a lot about myself; in each unit I have all the resources I need to deepen in my inner work in a different level. Helen is really great at what she does, and also she is very committed and fun. I am very glad that I met her and that I am doing this excellent course!"



    Pick a plan that serves you. You can pay it with 4 installments. Email me if you have any questions:

    Love and light, soul sisters and brothers.