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Balance Your Chakra Energies to Heal Your Life

Balance Your Chakra Energies to Heal Your Life

If you follow me on my Instagram, you know that I’ve been on a spiritual quest for joy and fulfillment since 2012. In 2011 I finished my Ph.D study in experience design and was onset to be a professor and married the man of my love, from the outside I was at the peak of my life. However, I wasn’t happy. I was in deep anxiety and depression. I knew something has to change so I made a commitment to seek happiness. I signed up my Yoga and Meditation training at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia in 2013.The first time I did meditation I knew I was home. Since then I meditate every day for 20 minutes.

My spiritual journey led me to study Ayurveda, being back my heritage as a third generation Fengshui Master and crystal healing. Career wise, I became an interior architect (another master’s degree later), Fengshui interior designer, surface pattern designer and now a professional painter and certified crystal healer.

This is my truest expression. This journey starts with healing, then self acceptance and now self expression. It is truly in the flow with joy and fulfillment. I hope to help everyone to do the same. So I am creating a course to provide all the knowledge, tools, resources that had helped me along the way. All my paintings came out from my heart and meditation visual to send good vibes. My crystal healing services combine holistic healing modalities of Ayurveda, Chinese herbalism, Yoga, meditation and Fengshui.

Conscious self healing is such a crucial step and I realized how it is closely related to our energy system. Our body is made of a rainbow of auras--the colored energy field around you. Aura energy is transmitted to and from the body via seven main invisible energy centers, called chakras, as well as numerous other smaller or subtle energy channels. Each chakra has a specific energy color, sound, and mantra associated with it.

I created a handy reference guide for you to activate, balance, and heal your chakras. Activating a chakra is done by meditation, once the connection of a certain chakra is made, you need to maintain its balance through proper diet, working with crystals, Yoga poses, and taking some herbal tea and essential oils. Save and share it for future reference. Share it with a friend who needs this now!

Colors are energies. If you are attracted to a certain color at a specific time, that means your body needs that energy. I distinctly remembered that when I was a child, I love light blue and often had strep throat problems. Growing up in China with a male dominant environment and complaint culture, speaking up was a problem of mine. You know what, blue is associate with the throat chakra. I need that color energy to heal.

Then there was a period of time I fell madly in love with my boyfriend, now husband while I was doing my Ph.D. degree, green was my favorite color. I wore green accessories all the time. I had no idea at the time that green is linked to the heart chakra, associated with the love energy.

Then I started my Yoga and meditation teacher training, I was so drawn to purple. It was at the time then I learned about the chakra system and why I was so drawn to certain colors at a certain period of my life. 

Now my go to colors are orange (sacral chakra for creativity) and yellow (solar plexus chakra for motivation and personal power). They help keep my creativity flowing while creating art and stepping into my power to lead and build my spiritual business.

Here is the handy chakra balancing information guide I created for you. You can also download it for free by joining the Joyous Club. 

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