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How to Create and Activate A Crystal Grid

How to Create and Activate A Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is a set of intentionally selected, energetically aligned crystals forming a geometric pattern for the purpose of manifesting a certain intention. The more specific an intention is, the more focus energy is directed to manifest it. For example, you can have an intention for better health, more money, abundance, prosperity, or a loving relationship. Or you can even more specific intention of better liver health, manifest success in my business, deepen my love relationship with my significant partner, etc.

The universe communicates with us in the language of sacred geometry (certain geometric patterns), Mother Earth is a giant sacred geometry energetic crystalline grid. An energetically aligned crystal grid on a sacred geometry pattern is able to tap into this source of energy (communicate in their language), thus let the universe know our intention of the physical manifestation we want. In turn, the universal source energy will record this information and reconstructed the original information (what we want to manifest) in physical form to us across time and space (holographic universe).

Here is a video I created for you to show you how to create and activate your own crystal grid.



We offer PERSONALIZED CRYSTAL GRID KIT which includes everything you need to create and activate your own crystal grid to manifest your intention!


This is a custom blend of crystals handpicked by Helen for crystal gridding to manifest the intention. It comes with a complete crystal building kit which includes a wooden sacred geometry base for your grid. The base is chosen depends on the intention you want to manifest. All crystal grid kit includes a selenite wand to activate your grid. A list of names and the reasons for the crystals selected will be included. 

Please note that we only use crystals from trusted sources and make sure they are sustainably sourced and fairly pay for the miners even they are more expensive. We don't purchase any crystals just because they are cheap. It is our commitment to being responsible to the earth and other people.

Happy Gridding! Shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions!

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