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Communicating to Mother Earth is A Sacred Act

Communicating to Mother Earth is A Sacred Act

In an earlier post, I explained how crystal grid works from a scientific stand point, it might be a bit over everyone’s head. Probably not many people are as nerdy as I am:)

Now I am going to try to explain it from the heart. Everything is energy. Some we can see, most of it we can’t see. But we can feel, sense, touch, smell or hear, some we just intuitively know (when you meditate for 10 years you will know what I mean:)

Our beautiful Mother Earth is surrounded by a web of energetic grid lines, they are called let lines, intersecting at specific paintings creating a type of power matrix, scientists call it the “Earth Star” which is recognized as a merkaba. A sacred geometric shape. How energies on the earth transmit and communicate is through these ley lines. At their conjunctions, the power is particularly strong, like the vortex in Jusha Tree and Sedona. People go there to feel Mother Earth’s energies. 

Mother Earth is a giant crystalline grid. Therefore, in order to communicate with this energy field, crystalline structures (crystals) on a sacred geometric shape (ley lines) is a logical and intuitive choice. We can communicate to Mother Earth’s energy source our intentions (things we want to manifest into matter) and let Mother Earth’s source energy assist us to manifest our wishes into matter.

Today I went to the park in our community to mediate as usual and I felt like bringing my crystals with me to make an earth grid. Then I had a Aha moment while I was creating the earth mandala crystal grid. At the beginning of my artist career, I wasn’t sure what to create or paint to have my own style. I created a crystal grid with an intention of knowing how to create my signature style then. Of course I use my favorite crystal (and it happens to be the creativity crystal citrine) in the center. Probably after a month or two, during my daily meditation sections, all these visual came in. They were bright, vibrant, happy flowers.

Almost all my painting inspirations come from my meditation visuals. At the beginning I wasn’t sure what they are, but the more I meditate, the more vivid and clear some images become, sometimes it even looks like an movie. But the things I see might be foreign to me that I can’t explain. Now I learn to draw it down, just very rough sketch or even stick figures so that I can remember what I saw in my meditations.

The time will come when my intuition tells me it is time to start painting the collection. I tend to paint what’s in my head rather than objects in front of me, even flowers. So I don’t really sketch or plan a lot. I do think about composition for aesthetics, and color just came naturally to me when I channeling my inner muse. She always knows what colors to use, I never plan a color palette, just let the colors evolve themselves.

I brought out all my paintings and lay them out on the grid, then I realized my last collection Celebrate You is about all the birth months’ flowers and crystals, symbols to celebrate nature’s cycle, and the cyclical natures in all of us. My latest collection Shine Your Light Crystal Grid Paintings were actually energies I painted from the seven chakras with the earth star and soul start chakra. Wow, I didn’t even realized it when I was painting them. I was just got inspired then. Mother Earth’s source energy is still guiding me today. My heart was full of gratitude. 

Now I just trust and let go of all the planning and control. Inspirations and creations can’t be planned. The universe is always speaking to you, you just have to be quiet enough to listen. You also have to be brave enough to follow that voice even you don’t know exactly all the steps to get there or what the results might be. But what you will have is a life full of flow, joy, creativity and fulfillment.


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