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Honoring Your Body and Cycle

Honoring Your Body and Cycle

Sometime universe speaks to you in hints and coincidence. It is up to you to choose to listen to it or not.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. I’ve been struggling with an explorative amount of information I downloaded from my meditation insights and have the feeling to accomplish all these ideas in my head as soon as possible:

-Creating contents for a spiritual course where it can help people to find their purpose and live joyfully; (I personally is on a spiritual journey for the past 10 years to live my purpose now)

-Painting a series of images I see in my meditation, they are mystical, dreamy and absolutely beautiful, maybe I should make them into oracle cards;

-Writing the book I’ve always envisioned for a long time. Thanks to the inward journey I’ve been taking with Rebecca Campbell on Akashic Recards. @rebeccacampbell_author

I overworked for the past couple of weeks, found myself working sometimes till 2am in the morning. My body was complaining, I was out of balance. Then last Sunday our family went out in 90 degree heat, I probably got a heat stroke for being outside too long. My body needed the rest on Monday while my mind was complaining that I am not working and there is a huge amount of work for me to do: what about my daily Instagram posts? How about my blog, email? My mural painting project, my crystal healing clients? Taking care of my daughter, my mom and my husband? My mind was racing 180 miles per hour.

I practiced meditation daily twice one in the morning before I start my day, one in the evening before I go to sleep. I use the Chopra Center app. This morning’s inspiration is to Pour into Yourself. How often we get so caught up in our heads that we forget to take care of our body?

Ask yourself: Do you have enough sleep? Do you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated? Do you consume nourish food? Do you move your body everyday that fits its need? Do you allow yourself time to take a break, play and have fun or just be?

My business coach Jessica asked me to re-read Do Less by Kate Northrup. Typically me read super fast so that I can read more in a short amount of time and forget that Kate’s book needs time to digest and integrate in life. Kate developed a way for women (or any human beings) who functions in a cynical nature either in 28-day cycle or 24-hour cycle to follow our body’s rhythm to plan our schedule this way rather than the traditional weekly or daily way.

For example, most women including me, our energy cycles around our period, and sometimes, with the moon. If we are really in tune with nature, we bleed during the new moon, this week it would be ideal that we schedule in rest and restore. The following week we will have the first quarter moon, it might be the best time to brainstorm, start to plan out for this moon cycle. While the full moon comes, we can take actions, go out and communicate and stack your to-do list and save the day! When we have the last quarter moon, it is time to retreat, reflect and do some inner work.

This morning I saw Kate was doing a live with Rha @rhagoddess. They were talking about exactly what I needed to hear. I need to listen to my body instead of trying to “solve racism” in three days or have 27 meetings in one day. Rha’s spirit told her that she needs to work on a huge idea, but her body told her no. She paused instead of keep going. She use self-awareness to figure out is this work she needed to do based on her trauma thinking—the world will end if I don’t work  or based on inspiration? If the work you do is based on inspiration, it feels expansive and it is in alignment with your body and soul.

It is such a relief to hear almost like a permission or affirmation from these wonderful soulprenuers of how we can do things today. It is time to change that “I am busy and successful” mentality into “I am nourished and flourish”.

My wonderful fellow crystal healer Laurel performed a crystal distance healing for me. The words came up for me are clarity, as to what and how can I accomplish all these ideas and balance while not letting my body and family suffer, and trust, be patient cause “nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.”

Laurel reminded me instead of being a human and use the ego to push through we need to trust our spirit will guide us through. It is so crucial for me to connect with my soul and spirit everyday even I am crazy busy. Otherwise I won’t be able to do what I do now—to fulfill my soul’s purpose. I feel so calm and gain clarity after the ritual. 

@wetheaether and @eastforest just finished a live Q&A talking about Trust and having faith. Don’t you think the the universe is trying to communicate with me and giving me hints to follow my soul’s purpose at my body’s won rynthmn?

Comment if you resonate. Email me if you have any questions or want more resources to live with your body’s lunar cycle. 

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