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What is Crystal Grid? Why and How Does it Work?

What is Crystal Grid? Why and How Does it Work?

Another frequently asked question as a crystal healer and crystal grid artist is that "What is crystal grid? Why and how does it work? How can it help me manifest health, wealth, finding my life purpose and joy, etc.?"

In my personal opinion, the simple answer is that the universe communicates with us in the language of sacred geometry (certain geometric patterns), Mother Earth is a giant sacred geometry energetic crystalline grid. An energetically aligned crystal grid on a sacred geometry pattern is able to tap into this source energy (communicate in their language), thus let the universe know our intention of the physical manifestation we want. In turn, the universal source energy will recorded this information and reconstructed the original information (what we want to manifest) in physical form to us across time and space (holographic universe).


A crystal grid is a set of intentionally selected, energetically aligned crystals forming a geometric pattern for the purpose of manifesting a certain intention.


Before I explained how does a crystal grid work, we need to understand a very important concept: Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the structural blueprint of the creations of all form. Pretty much all natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more of these geometric shapes.

For example, the creation of the first eight cells of an embryo, known as the blastocyst or morula, is approximately the point at which the embryo begins to radiate electrical impulses. According to many religious teachings, these electrical impulses represent the point at which the soul's energy enters the physical plane. What is noteworthy is that the morula looks very similar to a symbol commonly known as Flower of Life, which is also known as the Star of David, Star Tetrahedron or Merkaba. Due to this similarity, the inner circles of this symbol are often referred to as The Seed of Life. The oldest symbol found on the walls of the temples of the Osirion at Abydos in Egypt. 

The picture of the left is a morula, on the right is the Flower of Life.









Leonardo da Vinci, captivated by the form of Flower of Life, its elegance and mathematics, studied this form intensely. He found out that geometric forms could be derived from the Flower of Life symbol. They are the five Platonic Solids, along with the sphere, the torus and the Golden Ratio of Phi. Below is Da Vinci’s drawing of Flower of Life and its derision of Platonic solids. Obtained in public domain.


These geometric solids are named for the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who hypothesized in one of his dialogues, the Timaeus, that the classical elements (water, fire, earth, air, a ether) were made of these regular solids.

A Platonic solid is a 3D shape where each face is the same regular (all angels equal and all sides equal) polygon with the same number of polygons meet at each vertex (corner). There are only five solids that meet this criteria.

They are Tetrahedron (four triangle faces), cube (six square faces), Octahedron (eight triangle faces), Icosahedron (twelve pentagon faces), and Dodecahedron (twenty triangle faces).

Tetrahedron  Cube-Hexanhedron Octahedron Icosahedron Dodecahedron

As Da Vinci showed us that human bodies as well as nature are designed following the principles of sacred geometry and a number ratio known as the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion Phi (approximately 1.6180339887). Phi is expressed in everything from atoms, to the vast expanse of the universe. It is said that this ratio expresses “Universal Law” as well as beauty and wholeness in nature. We can see this ratio appear in the proportions of chemical compounds, geometry of crystals, harmonious chords of music and in the vibrational frequencies of light. The well known Fibonacci Sequence which shows in seashells and the head of a sunflower is approximated to the Golden ratio.

A recent galaxy-cluster mapping of our universe indicates that our known universe is in the shape of an enormous dodecahedron, a twelve symmetrically-sided shape. While the “voids” between galaxies suggest jam-packed side by side octahedrons. Architects and structural engineers often use this type of design structures for industrial buildings and vehicles because this type of construction is known to be extremely sturdy and lightweight.

The universe is communicating using the language of sacred geometry. Guess what structures are inside crystals? The Platonic solids! That’s why crystals arranged in a sacred geometric pattern allows them to communicate with the universal energy.


Scientists have discovered that a three dimensional energy radius exists around all beings and objects. This energy field can be described as a torus, or a virtual doughnut of energy surrounding the object. A torus is a three-dimensional rotating shell created by energy gyrating around a central axis.

Mother Earth is surrounded by a web of energetic grid lines (ley lines) intersecting at specific points creating a type of power matrix. In 1980s Professor Bethe Havens and William S. Becker had discovered this grid interconnected two geometric patterns, an Icosahedron with a dodecahedron. Adding another sacred geometric a shape, the polyhedron, resulted in a grid with sixty-two intersections. This design is now known as the “Earth Star”—a “Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron”. The intersections and grid lines (ley lines) are comparable to the meridians of energy which we discuss in the human energy center section of the crystal healing.

The intersection points appear to correspond with many well known sacred and power sites around the world like the Great Pyramid at Giza, Easter Island megaliths, Lake Baykal, the planet’s deepest, largest and oldest lake in Southern Siberia, Russia, Hawaii’s time-warp zone, the Bermuda Triangle of the Atlantic Ocean and so on...

Mother’s Earth is one giant crystalline grid itself! It is the perfect example to set up our crystal grid in order to communicate with our consciousness and transmitting information to the universal source energy. Using a center stone with its iron crystalline core along with a geometric pattern of energetically aligned energy vortices. 


Crystal grids allows us to communicate with the source energy across time and space. How and why does it work? We need to look into a theory developed by biochemist Rupert Sheldrake. He proposes that, as energetic beings, we are all connected to each other and the energy around us via a subtle energy field called the Morphic Field. 

Morphogenesis is concept that all self-organizing systems, including crystals, plants and animals contain an inherent memory, given by a process called morphic resonance from previous similar systems. All human beings draw upon a collective human memory, and in turn contribute to it. Even individual memory depends on morphic resonance rather than on physical memory traces stored within the brain. This hypothesis is testable experimentally, and implies that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.

Morphic resonance works through morphic fields, which organize the bodies of plants and animals through vibratory patterns, and underlie their abilities to regenerate and heal after damage. Morphic fields also coordinate the vibratory activities of the nervous system, and are closely connected to mental activity. Minds are extended beyond brains through these fields, and the effects of attention and intention at a distance can be detected experimentally.

An example is the hundredth monkey effect, Japanese researchers noticed that when one individual monkey within a group learned a new skill, he/she passed that skill onto other monkeys within the group. However, by the time one hundred monkeys had learned that skill, monkeys throughout the entire population even on other parts of the world learned the same skill without being taught by others.


The concept of morphogenesis and a morphia field explains the communication system used in distance healing, crystal grid and other psychic healings. Tapping into this morphic field may be the “telephone line” that source energy uses to allow our crystal grids to get their messages across.

Physicist David Bohm proposes a theory of a “Hologrphic Universe” whereby information can be recorded and later reconstructed when the original information field is no longer present. Accessing the filed, or the holographic nature of the cosmos, allows us to not be concerned with space and time and possibly access different dimensions. By creating and using a crystal grid intentionally, we can effectively direct energy to positively affect a person or situation across space and time.

For people who have long term spiritual practices and have developed their intuitive sense like I mentioned in the crystal healing post, like most energy workers and empaths, you can feel the energy from a crystal grid. For those of us only trust our physical eyes, we can use dowsing rods to detect this energy field.

Dowsing rods have been used for centuries to locate various resources such as ground water, minerals, buried treasures and so on. Copper dowsing rods are inexpensive tools you can use to pick up on naturally gridded energy currents of radiation emanating from Mother Earth, sometimes also refferred to as ley lines.

You can hold the short side of the pair of L-shaped dowsing rods one on each hand, first stand relatively far away from the crystal grid and then slowly walk closer and closer to the crystal grid. As the dowsing rods start to move a little, you are probably close to the edge of the torus energy field. As you get closer and the dowsing rods move more rapidly you know that you are probably at the center (vortex) of this crystal grid’s energy center. As you continue walking, the energy might get weaker as the dowsing rods might slow down.

In conclusion, everything is energy. The universe, human beings, plants, animals, crystals and even not-living things like objects and space are made of energy. We  can’t detect it from our physical eyes, however, spiritual practices and development of our intuition senses can help us feel it and access it. Once we learn how to access this limitless universal source and learn to communicate with it using its own language, everything is possible.


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