Northwest: the Fengshui Helpful People and Travel Area of Your Home

Here are the Fengshui Recommendations for the Fengshui Helpful People and Travel (Northwest) area of your home.

The Aspect of Life: Helpful People & Travel

Ideal Function: Guest Room or Living Room

Elemental Energy: Metal

Recommended Colors: White, Gold, Silver, Gray, Copper, Bronze, Sand, Light Brown, Light Yellow

Colors to Avoid in Excess: Red, Bright Orange,

Bright Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink

Recommended Shapes of Decor: Circle

Shapes of Decor to Avoid in Excess: Triangle

Crystals to Amplify the Energy: Clear Quartz, Bismuth, Pyrite, Appolylite, Jade Budda


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Recommended Crystal Grid Layout for this Area:

Here are some interior design inspiration photos for this area of your home:

July 21, 2021

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