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Flamenco Passion Capsule Collection

Flamenco Passion Capsule Collection

My Flamenco Passion Capsule Collection Acrylic Paintings are out. Art prints are available on my website and I am making note card sets of them to sell on both my website and Etsy shop.

Along the way to unleash my creativity, I found Flamenco dancing. I've always love watching Flamenco performances. It is such a rhythmic and passionate dance. I would totally immerse myself in it and think I might be a gypsy in my past life. 

One day after I saw a dinner show, I jumped on the stage and asked the dancer, do you teach Flamenco? I want to learn. That's how I started. Once I started to learn this dance form, I know it is going to be another life time pursuit.

Just like making art, dancing Flamenco takes courage and commitment. It is a art form that designed to dance solo and improvise to the music. Even with the same dance, every dancer dances differently and their individual styles come out.

I remember I have a lot of fear to admit myself as an artist. I was in an art competition with my friend when I was a kid. She won the second price, I got a price that everyone else got--participation. There was a kid in high school who could draw anything and anyone in the classroom in a comic way. I love art, but I thought I was not good enough to make it. Now I finally understand "a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms”.

 Flamenco dancing helps me to get over fear. Just like Henri Matisse once said "Creativity Takes Courage".

Here is a couple of video clips of me dancing with my Flamenco family:)


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