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Celebrate Collection is coming on November 7th, 2020

Celebrate Collection is coming on November 7th, 2020

Hello there, I am back here to nurture my blog. As a creative entrepreneur, there are many balls to juggle at the same time. But I am glad to be here to connect with you.

I have a big announcement to make today! CELEBRATE YOU-a new painting collection is going to be released on Nov. 7th 2020--my birthday as my offering to you to celebrate your uniqueness.

This painting collection will feature 12-month birth flowers and birth crystals. It combines my flower painting expertise, crystal healing, Fengshui energy knowledge, pattern design experience, sacred geometry knowledge and my spirituality and intuition.

Join my Joyous Art Club to download 6 FREE flower and crystal art phone wallpapers! 


We are welcoming a new moon in Virgo in a couple of days, a wonderful lunar phase to start anew, initiate projects and wipe the slate clean. 

We may start to receive insights, revelations, sacred wisdom & knowledge and be drawn to grounding this in through creative projects, business ventures, new opportunities & having the confidence to express these new aspects of ourselves.

What would be a better day to announce this big news with you! My plan is aligned with the cosmos.:)

I can't wait to share this intentional painting collection with the world! You can watch my creation process unfold on my Instagram account: @helencreatesbeauty.

Love and light, Helen

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