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Fengshui Birth Element & Kua Number Reading

Fengshui Birth Element & Kua Number Reading

I've been running #FengshuiInteriorWednesday on my Instagram Account: @helencreatesbeauty for the last three months. I am happy to announce that due to popular requests, I will offer Fengshui Birth Element and Kua Number Reading on my website on September 30th.

You will find out your birth element and your unique Kua number which tells your personality, best colors for home decor and personal accessories, lucky directions for health, relationships, abundance, and much more.

I will also include basic knowledge about Fengshui and its benefits. The five elements in Fengshui and their relationships. The Bagua map of your home.

I've been a Fengshui Interior Designer for the past 10 years before I committed myself to become a full-time artist. I hold a Master's degree in interior architecture & design. My Chinese upbringing makes me live and breathe this philosophy all the time. My 8 years of daily meditation brings me clarity as to offer this from my soul.

In Fengshui, individual Kua numbers are calculated by your birth date and your gender. This number dictates your lucky and unlucky directions for positive and negative energy flow. Kua numbers are also associated with specific personality traits and one of the five Fengshui elements.

Today let's talk about Fengshui Birth Element WATER. Water people tend to be sensitive and have a strong intuition. Expressions of creativity comes easy to Water people, but they must be mindful of the need for basic structure in their lives, as well as the need to follow a clear chosen path.

As water is one of the most flexible Fengshui elements, you will sure sense this flexibility in a Water element person. As flexible as it is, though, water can also wear down the hardest rock, given enough time. Because of this quality, Water people have a strong hidden reservoir of power inside them.

Best home decor and personal accessory colors: blue and black (Water), White and gray (Metal) since Metal nurtures Water. Earth weakens water, therefore avoid all sandy and earthy colors.

Fountains and other water features, mirrors and water art or photo images are great, especially in the north direction. Try to avoid too much earthenware, too many crystals, and rocks, or numerous earth related images.

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