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Fengshui Birth Element WOOD

Fengshui Birth Element WOOD

I've been running #FengshuiInteriorWednesday on my Instagram Account: @helencreatesbeauty for the last three months. I am happy to announce that due to popular requests, I will offer Fengshui Birth Element and Kua Number Reading on my website on September 30th. 

Today let's talk about Fengshui Birth Element-Wood. Wood people are the visionaries. They have the ability to channel their visionary energy to grow and manifest their dreams. This Wood element person is instinctively focused on growth -- a natural and steady growth. In order to encourage and nurture this special gift, she or he can leverage this power by having an appropriately balanced Fengshui home.

Best home décor colors for wood people are green and brown (Wood) or blue and black (Water) since water nurtures wood. Home decor colors to minimize or avoid are red, orange, purple, pink, magenta, strong yellow (Fire) or white and grey (Metal) since fire weakens metal, and metal weakens wood.

Decor items to emphasize are vibrant plants or images of lush forests, meadows, etc, as well as fountains and other water features, mirrors, and water art images. Decor items to avoid in excess are big fireplace in East or Southeast, use too many candles, decorating with images of fire or sunsets / sunrise, as well as strong metal elements in décor items or house features.

FengShui areas to pay strong attention to are East and Southeast. Because EAST and SOUTHEAST are the WOOD directions of your home.

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