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Fengshui Birth Element FIRE

Fengshui Birth Element FIRE

I've been running #FengshuiInteriorWednesday on my Instagram Account: @helencreatesbeauty for the last three months. I am happy to announce that due to popular requests, I will offer Fengshui Birth Element and Kua Number Reading on my website on September 30th. 

Today let's talk about Fengshui Birth Element-Fire. Fire people are usually high energy and very creative, more than any other element. Creativity does not depend on the element, but its expression sure does.

Fire people are more expressive and passionate... and easy to anger. They are fiery! A Fire person is open with their expression of creativity, be it cooking, dancing, or picking up kids from school. She or he needs an appropriate Fengshui home to support this open flow of creativity and avoid burning out.

Best home decor colors: red, orange, purple, magenta, pink, strong yellow (Fire). Green and brown (Wood) are also good since wood nurtures fire. Home decor colors to minimize or avoid: water weakens fire, therefore avoid blue and black (Water colors).

Decor items to emphasize: Fireplace, candles, images of fire or sunsets and sunrises. Decor items to avoid in excess: fountains, too many mirrors or water images.

Fengshui Area to Pay Strong Attention To: South. Because SOUTH is the FIRE direction of your home.

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