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Fengshui Birth Element EARTH

Fengshui Birth Element EARTH

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Today let's talk about Earth Element people. An earth Fengshui element person can be nourishing and supportive of others, be it friends, family or strangers. However he/she needs to strengthen their personal energy and allow their creativity to flow with an appropriate Fengshui home.

Best colors for earth element people: Red, orange, purple, magenta, pink, strong yellow (Fire), and all sandy and earthy colors and tones (Earth) are great. Try to avoid: White and gray (Metal) and green and brown (Wood) since metal weakens wood and wood weakens earth.

Best decor for earth element people: Fireplace, use of many candles, images of fire or sunsets/sunrise, crystals and rocks, various earthenware decor are great. Try to avoid decor items made from metal.

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