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Fengshui Birth Element METAL

Fengshui Birth Element METAL

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Today let's talk about Metal Element people. Metal people are usually calm, focused and precise in their energy expression. They are the ones you can fully rely on to take care of all the details in any given job or project. They tend to be insightful, knowledgeable and analytical. They are also focused and goal-oriented.

The type of home they need is fresh, clutter-free, and open. This helps to bring out the positive energy of metal: purity, preciseness, freshness, discipline, and clarity. However, too much metal elements make metal people become rigid. Adding some warm elements of the earth is a good balance.

All sandy and earthy colors, white and gray are good since earth nurtures metal. Fire weakens metal try to avoid red, orange, purple, strong yellow, magenta, and pink (Fire).

Metal features (metal staircase, sculptures), round or circle objects, decor items made from metal (art or photo frames), earthenware decor, crystals, rocks and earth related images are great. Decor Items to Avoid: Fireplace in West or Northwest, use of many candles, images of fire.

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