Holiday Gift Ideas? How about the Wisdom of Flowers and Crystals Affirmation Card Deck?
The Wisdom of Flowers & Crystals affirmation card deck is available now! I've been working hard to give birth to this beautiful collection. This makes a wonderful gift for your love ones during holiday season.

This deck of 24 affirmations features flower and crystal paintings to promote confidence, self-love, and inspiration. Each card is 3.5" X 5" printed in high-quality archival cardstock. An organic cotton rose pattern drawstring bag is included to protect the card deck. The sustainable wood base is available for an additional cost.

As a Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher, crystal healer, Fengshui energy expert, and exuberant flower painter, this beautiful affirmation card deck is filled with all my intuitive knowledge about flowers, crystals, and spiritual guidance to you.

I deeply believe that flowers and crystals hold the magical power to heal. Each painting features a beautiful flower bouquet with raw crystals next to them. Some have sacred geometry mandala backgrounds to transmit certain energies.

Feel free to pick up a card as your affirmation of the day; or as your meditation mantra; decorate your space with them; framed them as art prints; gift a card to someone who needs it; or put it on your mirror and say it out loud to yourself!

Love & Joy,
October 05, 2020

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